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Inspiring audiences to live

intentionally now and in the future!

Speaker Reel


Intentionally steering your life in the right direction. 

Living a life of meaning and purpose.


Learning how to make an everyday difference in the world.


Discovering who you are meant to be, and not just defaulting to what others say you are.

Those are the reasons I speak.



My passion is inspiring people to live intentional, meaningful lives.

I know how easy it is to just get swept along by the current. I got stellar grades, graduated with honors from a prestigious college, and had a solid career as a consultant for two decades, becoming an expert on credit card payments. Sounds great, right? In many ways, yes. But the problem is, along the way I forgot to actually think intentionally about where my life was heading.


Rather, I just coasted along the same path, never really thinking about whether or not that path was leading me where I truly wanted to be.


But finally, after a health scare at age 40, I realized my true passions did not lie in credit card payments, but in helping others start living an intentional life of meaning at a much earlier age than I did.


My speaking experience spans more than 15 years, addressing audiences in 35 states and on 6 continents. Now, instead of talking about credit cards, I speak in a far more significant way -- inspiring audiences to intentionally live lives of meaning. To not just survive, but to thrive.

I live near Boston, MA, with my wife, three kids, and one cat. I’m left handed. I like exploring new places. I don’t like the taste of chocolate(!). And I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing ultimate Frisbee, though not all at the same time.





Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Kids are often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you’re 5 and dream of being an astronaut, it’s cute. Later on, however, it can become stressful. But the key question is not “What do you want to be,” but rather, “Who Do You Want to Be?”


Do you ever sit down and truly try to answer who you want to be? Most of us -- even as adults -- don’t. I certainly didn’t. Sure, I did many things "right" – great grades, prestigious college, and successful career. But it wasn’t until I was 40 that I truly started answering, “Who Do I Want to Be?”

And the answer changes everything.

This talk will both inspire and challenge attendees to intentionally consider this question now, with life-changing results!  (Can also be extended to include deeper-dive workshop sessions.)

Image by zhang kaiyv

*Truly* Keeping The Silver Linings Of A Crisis

Going through a crisis – for example, a global pandemic – is unquestioningly difficult. The challenges can be overwhelming. And yet, if we stop to look, we can also find silver linings. But to actually hang on to those silver linings takes intentionality.


In this workshop, Joel will help attendees critically evaluate what their own silver linings are from this crisis time, inspiring them to intentionally ensure that those silver linings carry over into future life.

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Intentionally Making an Everyday Difference

When we’re young, we dream of making a difference in the world. But then, life starts getting in the way. School, work, bills, family obligations – the list goes on and on.

Now, for most of us, just making it through the day counts as a win. But is that all there is? No! Each of us can make small, daily adjustments that build up to big impacts.

Joel will share practical insights and applications that will inspire each attendee to recognize how they can begin making an everyday difference in the world, starting today.

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Happy Family

While Joel is clearly a very articulate public speaker, what sets him apart goes beyond his eloquence. He is driven by an authentic desire to help people overcome obstacles and experience real flourishing in their lives. If you are considering Joel for your next event, I would highly recommend him - you will not be disappointed!

Chris Lake

Executive Director, The Vere Institute



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